The Women’s Health Care Service Line located at RIMS Hospital offers excellent, caring research-based, medical care for women who seek assistance, advice and treatment for gender-related and gynecological issues.

Our team is internationally trained doctors are obstetricians (doctors specially trained to assist pregnant women and to deliver babies) Gynecologists (doctors who are trained to treat female-related diseases particularly those of reproductive organs) along with specially trained medical technicians and nurses are trained to treat, diagnose and manage a variety of ailments and disorders. Our services are comprehensive and include, but aren’t restricted to pregnancy, including high-risk patients labor as well as delivery. We also treat menstrual problems (irregular cycle and pain during menstrual cycles or bleeding from the vagina) pelvic pain Vaginal itching and discharge lumps and pain in the breasts.

Our services are accessible via our clinic consultations daycare surgery, or even overnight admissions.